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Event:The Fantasy Ten Minute Play Festival
Date: Nov 18, 2017
Venue: The Clinton Street Theater
On MAC or Windows, double click on media screen to get full screen.
In the Fantasy 10MPF you'll see a magical fairy wisp two movie characters away on a cinematic journey, internet daters meet and divulge their sexual fantasies, an aspiring blues musician caught between an abusive wife and the devil, Randalf the wizard with his design for a new statue at Mordor College of Lava Studies, a scientist tormented by a creature while figuring out a hypercomputation model, a job performance review that teeters between daily doldrums and a kung-fu daydream, a friendly relationship with a barista that takes a dark turn, Conan the Barbarian purchasing potions from a witch who should still be in witch school, and a woman who wakes up to find she's had a threesome with Jesus and Satan.

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