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Event:Green Ten Minute Play Festival
Date: Mar 13, 2016
Venue: The Clinton Street Theater
PRE-SALE Special - Buy Event, and you get HI-Quality video of all plays for only $5. Once the live stream is over, the price goes up to $10. Archive Video will be released approximately March 13, 2016. Doors at 7:00pm, stream at 7:00pm. 
It's Monkey With a Hat On's 15th installment of the Ten Minute Play Festival! This time, the theme is "Green"! The Portland 10MPF is a seasonal collaborative event that features locally written ten minute plays performed three nights in a row. Each play features different writers, directors, and actors—many people are involved! The festival is an opportunity for Portland artists to create unique moments and for the audience to experience a wide range of stories in one night. It’s a fun, festival atmosphere! The interpretations of the theme are unique and varied, such as: a post-apocalyptic sequel to Green Eggs and Ham, the richest man on earth and his Chickenlord, a man with expressive aphasia who wont let go of his green hat, a machine that turns dreams into cash, an old man reminiscing on a park bench, an obsessive groundskeeper, a jealous husband, a troubled woman with a leaf tattoo and the origins of Soylent Green! We invite you to come out and enjoy the best Ten Minute Play Festival on this green earth!

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