MAG Live Production Services

The AudioGlobe MAG (Media Acquisition Group) Team have been archiving and producing live content and events since 2010, and has since evolved into a turnkey production company while serving as a realtime R&D and marketing catalyst for the AudioGlobe Engineering & Development Team, developing and testing features and processes of live content production. By working directly with its partners to combine services and lower costs, AudioGlobe can offer its clients a “one stop shop” for all things production, while developing and testing features and processes of live content production.

Built upon a community based network of Live Production Professionals and Volunteers, AudioGlobe works from within the community to deliver the highest quality services, while testing and prototyping the technical and logistical processes behind them. This Live Production R&D Team has leveraged years of Audio and Video Engineering experience to develop a standardized and efficient process that can be replicated and scaled, while offering quality services to clients of all types, and events all sizes

By developing a cheaper and more efficient production process, the MAG Group can offer high-quality services, cheaper than the competition, while delivering more for their clients.

The core of all AudioGlobe services starts with high-quality audio, as the majority of our Media Engineer team are professional audio engineers first, and videographers second. Video is only good as it's audio, and AudioGlobe has set the standard for Live Audio Content by meticulously testing and refining the art of on-location recording.

AudioGlobe has further developed its video archival process as well though, and now can offer up to 6 HD cameras that are edited on-location, and can be live broadcast in high-quality for remote viewers and fans. We've bridged the gap, and now can offer a full media archival package of your event!

Our team of Media Engineers and Camera operators will come on location and Capture, Archive, and Live broadcast your event with Multiple HD Cameras, studio quality multi-track audio recording, and deliver a free Live Broadcast of your event on Your event will then be archived among hundreds of other events, where users get to relive the experience, and interact with it. Within days, the audio is mixed professionally in the studio and the content is archived on with pristine studio quality audio, and crisp HD Video!

Furthermore, our partnerships have grown to be able to provide high-quality live sound reinforcement, as well as full stage design and lighting, and other post-production services, that are vital to producing and delivering the highest quality content to our clients and customers, from beginning to end!

AudioGlobe Live Event Archival and Production Services include:

Multiple Camera HD Video Production with Camera Operators
Studio-grade Multi-Track Audio Recording and Mixing
FREE Live Broadcast of Event
On-location Duplication and Digital Ticketing - Get the content into hands only minutes after the event
Full Lighting and Fabric Stage Design - Have your event look better both live and on video
Event Sound Reinforcement - Guarantee high-quality sound at your event, while securing quality Audio Recordings for your content

If you interested in Capturing and Archiving your event the way it was meant to be, please contact us!